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Chinchillas For Sale in the UK and USA  If you would like to place an advert here, please email me Please scroll down the page to see a list of chinchillas for sale The owner of Cheeky Chinchillas is not a breeder and does not personally sell chinchillas  Cheeky Chinchillas is attempting to help people buy and sell chinchillas through this web site, but, no responsibility can be taken for the content or the validity of these advertisements. All adverts are taken in good faith and it is the responsibilty of the buyer and/or seller to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the transaction.  Ads will remain on this page for 4 months unless I hear to the contrary. Cheeky Chinchillas Comments You may notice 'Cheeky Chinchillas Comments' appearing on some pages. These are small notes/tips which may be relevant to the subject text on the page IMPORTANT NOTICE TO PERSONS ADVERTISING - PLEASE READ Every so often, there are money making scams aimed at people selling/buying items on the internet. Unfortunately, this also includes chinchillas. Please make sure any enquiries are genuine. There are some unscrupulous people who might ask you to ship the chinchilla, arrange a transfer of funds or send a Cheque larger than the amount stated and then ask for cash back...It is all a big money making SCAM!! Please be very careful and make necessary checks and either deliver or arrange for someone to pick up. Scams are directed at persons selling on the internet who might be shipping an item i.e. in this case a chinchilla. ALSO Apparently there have been mass emailings sent out from unknown sources saying: "Am interested in you pet!!!" The email doesn't mention the type of pet it just has a link to the ad and asks for a final selling price. Please take care and do not open attachments I think you will recognise any strange emails and will not be taken in, but I felt I should warn you. For Sale, Cleveland, Ohio, USA Added 25th August 2018 Bonded males (less than 1 year old) needing a new home. For more information please contact their owner:
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  For Owners of pet Chinchillas
For Sale - West Lothian, Scotland, UK               Chinchillas For sale: Various kits, both male and female: Standard, Ebony, Black Velvet and Black Velvet Violet carrier. Please email the breeder, Jean, for more information:  See also Breeders Page
For Sale - Cannock, Staffordshire, UK For more information please contact Denise: See also Breeders Page
For Sale - Swansea  Wales, UK    
The owner is also currently breeding Dark Ebonies, White and some Chocolate or Tans.
           Please contact the owner on  07507814708 or email Owen:
For Sale Walsall, West Midlands, UK Added 11th May 2018 2 adult males for sale For more information please contact the owner, Angie: See also Breeders Page
For Sale,  Huddersfield, UK Added 13th August 2018 1 year old female Mosaic chinchilla for sale.  £25 For more information please contact Carl at or by mobile on 07903027239