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What sound does a chinchilla make?
I have made some recordings of noises made by my chinchillas:

There are a variety of sounds which vary from a chatter to a warning call.
The calling noise is also sometimes referred to as barking.
A chinchilla might bark if he is upset or if he has heard a strange noise, he will call to warn other chinchillas.
I also know of some chinnies, that will do this for attention too!
They will certainly let you know if they are annoyed or upset just by their tone.
I have also recorded them eating hard and softer food along with the familiar sound of chewing wood.

Some chinchillas are more vocal than others.

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Calling, Barking 1

Calling, Barking 2


Chewing wood

Eating hard food

Eating soft food


Upset and annoyed
Form Object

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