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Some of the chinchilla videos below were taken while they were playing outside of their cages.

When you let your chinchilla out for a run, make sure it is a safe and secure area of your home.
They will try to chew almost anything, so make sure that the area or room is 'chin friendly'.
Chinchillas can not have the run of the house like a cat or dog, there are too many dangers.

Apart from the damage a chinchilla might do to your furniture etc, plastic, paint, varnish, glue could be toxic and cause serious health problems, even death if they ingest any of these substances.
Not to mention, of course, electrical wiring etc

Always supervise your chinchillas - they can jump quite high and they always want to be where they shouldn't be !!!
So, never leave him alone for a moment.

See the General Care page for more information on looking after your pet chinchilla.

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