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Cheeky Chinchillas - Chinchilla Jigsaw
Download the Cheeky Chinchillas Jigsaw to play off line on your own pc The actual Jigsaw picture is bigger than the one shown below
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Click on the image to download the jigsaw (548kb) This picture has 50 pieces Instructions Save the file onto your own pc. Double click the jigsaw icon to open the file.  Drag the pieces with your mouse.  A correct piece will click together. Using the icons on the menu bar at the top of the jigsaw you can: Zoom in and out to enlarge the jigsaw pieces. Pause and return later. Print the picture. View the picture while piecing the jigsaw together.  Enlarge or reduce this by dragging the corners. When you have completed the jigsaw, a fanfare will sound. A box will appear showing how long it took you to complete it. Save and/or print the picture
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Cheeky Chinchillas

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